WIN’S UnBankers
Business Evaluation

Special Announcement!
Win Enterprises, LLC is pleased to announce that we have a special relationship with the UnBankers where we support them and their clients to excel in their businesses. We have created what we call Win’s the UnBankers Business Evaluation.

This special business evaluation helps the UnBankers to get you the funding that you need. Too often, traditional lenders will take your application and miss important information that is not part of the normal exercise for underwriters to become convinced that you are a worthy risk for them. When that happens, you don’t get the funding you deserve.

 How this is Better for You
We will dig into your business to understand you at a deeper level than a traditional loan application process, and increase the chances that The Unbankers can support you and your funding requests.

The good news is that Win’s unbankers Business Evaluation is not just for the unbankers to help you get funding. You will gain insights about your business and learn about the potential that you have in your business. We will give you a report at the end of the exercise so you know your real opportunity for revenue and profit growth.

This exercise is planned to be an hour, but we ask that you schedule 90 minutes just to make sure we have plenty of time together.

Exclusive Arrangement with the UnBankers
And the best news for you is that we have a special arrangement with the UnBankers so that your investment in Win’s UnBankers Business Evaluation is discounted.
Rather than the normal investment of $1997, the special UnBankers rate is $497.

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